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Mesud and Marcus in Växjö

Mesud Pezer came last week and Marcus Thomsen few days later and they have been practicing here lately with Fanny in the shot and all the others in the weight room. Both are doing really well.

Mesud is developing tremendously both technically in the shot as well as in the weight room. He is bigger than ever and has huge capacity.

Marcus is learning and learning and his knees are better now and things went very well for him here these few days he was here now. He left yesterday.

Mesud will stay for over a month and Marcus will come back within few weeks again.

Both athletes did very well in the Las Palmas meet few weeks ago when Mesud won the men’s class with a new PB of 20.69m. Marcus got 3rd in the U23 class even if he is only 19 years of age with 18.20m with the 7.26kg shot.

There is much more to expect from both outdoors.


Our athletes in 2018

1 Mesud Pezer 21.15m
2 Marcus Thomsen 19.82m
3 Leif Arrhenius 19.25m
4 Daniel Stahl 18.78m
5 Niklas Arrhenius 18.37m
6 Simon Pettersson 17.50m
7 J. Gardenkrans 16.06m
1 Fanny Roos 18.68m
1 Daniel Stahl 69.72m
2 Simon Pettersson 65.84m
3 J. Gardenkrans 63.63m
4 Nick Percy 63.17m
5 Niklas Arrhenius 61.72m
6 Mesud Pezer 59.42m
1 Fanny Roos 55.79m