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Fanny is getting stronger

Fanny Roos is going through a very tough training period right now after her huge success indoors when she equaled the Swedish Indoor Record with a throw of 18.13m.

The goal now is to add more max strength in to her training and improve there as well as to develop her technique and get good amount of throws in before the outdoor season.

It is going really well and here are some clips from the weight room where Fanny has been working very hard lately.


Our athletes in 2018

1 Mesud Pezer 21.15m
2 Marcus Thomsen 19.82m
3 Leif Arrhenius 19.25m
4 Daniel Stahl 18.78m
5 Niklas Arrhenius 18.37m
6 Simon Pettersson 17.50m
7 J. Gardenkrans 16.06m
1 Fanny Roos 18.68m
1 Daniel Stahl 69.72m
2 Simon Pettersson 65.84m
3 J. Gardenkrans 63.63m
4 Nick Percy 63.17m
5 Niklas Arrhenius 61.72m
6 Mesud Pezer 59.42m
1 Fanny Roos 55.79m