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Fanny Roos 4th in the EIC

Fanny Roos improved her indoor PB from 17.20m to 17.88m last week at the Swedish Indoor Championships in Växjö, Sweden.

Today she competed in the European Indoor Championships and came in to the meet with the 7th best result of 21 competitors. Fanny had 17.44m, 17.69m and 17.76m in the qualification rounds this morning and had the 5th best results in a very strong qualification competition.

In the final this evening Fanny started with 17.54m and then equaled her best in the 2nd round with 17.88m and then hit the big one in the 3rd round and threw 18.13m. That result is as far as the Swedish Record held by Helena Engman that she broke in 2008. In the last three rounds Fanny had 17.57m, 17.71m and 17.73m.

This competition was outstanding in every way for Fanny and she has jumped up to a new level during the last two weekends. Fanny was only 19cm from the bronze medal today that is unbelievable.

We all congratulate Fanny on her big day, this was huge.


Rank Bib Athlete Mark    
1 634 Hungary Anita Marton 19.28 WL +
2 526 Bulgaria Radoslava Mavrodieva 18.36 PB +
3 517 Belarus Yulia Leantsiuk 18.32   +
4 749 Sweden Fanny Roos 18.13 =NR +
5 622 Germany Claudine Vita 18.09 PB +
6 685 Poland Pauline Cuba 18.00 SB +
7 512 Belarus Aliona Dubitsakaya 17.85   +
8 573 France Jessiva Cerival 16.84


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1 Mesud Pezer 20.70m
2 Marcus Thomsen 20.58m
1 Fanny Roos 18.61m