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Fanny equals her indoor personal best

Fanny Roos won the Swedish Junior Championships today in the U23 class with 17.20m. It is equal to her indoor PB since last year. It was Fanny’s third meet of the indoor season the other two were 17.14m in Stockholm two weeks ago and then 16.72m in Tampere last week.

Fanny can throw much farther as she is in super shape and has thrown very, very far and much farther in practice for the last two weeks. It will come and nothing to do but just keep on trying. Still, Fanny should be happy with her 17.20m as it is as far as she has ever thrown in a meet indoors. Her outdoor PB is 17.58m.

Fanny will compete in the Swedish Indoor Championships in Växjö next week before flying to Belgrade for the EIC to be held in two weeks.


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