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Back to Växjö

I as a coach and my base to work from will move from Helsingborg and back to Växjö March 1st 2017.

I worked all the golden years between 1997-2008 in Helsingborg and moved to Växjö and lived and worked from there between 2008-2015 when we moved back to Helsingborg.

The reason for the move now is that for our GT Group it is impossible to train in Helsingborg due to very complicated rules and regulations, booking system and price level. We did not know about this complicated situation when we moved back one and a half year ago and my throwing farm idea was always going to be an alternative to the regular community facilities. But, it does not work to live and train in Helsingborg and then we just move back to Växjö.

The city of Växjö is very positive towards elite sports and throwing in particular and the athletic community works well and all doors are open. It is also the official throwing center of Sweden with the huge Tipshallen where we can throw discus indoors all winter.

I look forward to work in Växjö again and hope for a good cooperation with everyone.



"How to Become an Olympic Champion" is a video series by coach Vésteinn Hafsteinsson on example of Discus Throw legend Gerd Kanter. The first video series puts focus on Olympic Lifting for Throwers. Click here for more info.


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