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Good first meet in Stockholm

The GT Group members had their first meet in Stockholm this weekend when they participated in shot put at Raka Spåret in the Sätra Hall.

Fanny Roos SWE qualified for the EIC by throwing 17.14m and win the meet on the women’s side. Fanny did not really hit it in the meet and there is much more to come from her soon.

Mesud Pezer BIH won the meet on the men’s side with a good opening meet of 19.99m. Mesud also qualified for the EIC coming up in the first weekend in March.

Daniel Ståhl SWE threw a new PB indoors with a good throw of 19.10m after warming up with 18.40m standing throw. That is pretty good for a discus thrower.

Simon Pettersson SWE also threw also an indoor PB with a 16.76m throw but he will also throw farther soon. But Simon is more doing this for fun as Daniel as all his concentration is on discus.

Arttu Kangas FIN had 19.36m and Marcus Thomsen NOR 17.68m, both guys that we have been cooperating with lately.

Overall a good opening meet.


M Kula 7.26 kg  
    4 feb    
Mesud Pezer 94 Bosnien och Hercegovina 19,99      
Arttu Kangas 93 Finland 19,36      
Daniel Ståhl 92 Spårvägens FK 19,10      
Marcus Thomsen 98 Norge 17,68      
Wictor Petersson 98 Malmö AI 17,65      
Simon Pettersson 94 Upsala IF 16,76      
Jonas Meyer 90 Örgryte IS 16,69      
Tim Wunger 94 Upsala IF 16,13      
Gabriel Heen 95 Hässelby SK 15,77      
10  Alexander Persson 95 Huddinge AIS 14,44      
11  Petter Olson 91 Hässelby SK 13,62      
12  Fredrik Samuelsson 95 Hässelby SK 13,56      
Jesper Arbinge 97 Huddinge AIS X  


K Kula 4.0 kg  
    4 feb    
Fanny Roos 95 Athletics 24Seven SK 17,14      
Trine Mulbjerg 90 Danmark 15,65      
Frida Åkerström 90 Huddinge AIS 15,03      
Maria Nilsson 95 IK Orient 14,73  


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