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We are at training camp in Spain

We are back at Playitas in Fuerteventura in Spain. This is the fourth time I and Daniel Ståhl are here and we have Fanny Roos, Simon Pettersson, Jakob Gardenkrans and a throwing friend and a GT Management athlete Sanna Kämäräinen with us.

We have been here for four days and will stay for two weeks. The camp is mostly for throwing and in Fanny’s case she is preparing for the indoor shot put season. But of all of the other discus throwers are just throwing a lot and some of them lifting heavy and even maxing out but others lifting lighter.

We had a great day today with very good focus, fun and some serious results also both on the throwing field as well as in the weight room.

Daniel threw over 3m farther than he has ever done at this time of the year and looks awesome, fit and strong and very fast.

Simon threw a PB with the Denfi Tool 2.5kg and threw the discus also much farther than he has ever done so early. Then he did some serious weight on his half squats, nice to see.

Fanny had a huge PB in the hang power clean and then also a training PB in the standing throw in the shot. She also threw tons of full throws right around her outdoor training PB.

Jakob did a PB in the Snatch but did not throw as good as two days ago when he had his best training session ever with the 2kg discus and it flew far.

Sanna that has the legendary Frantz Kruger as a coach is just working hard on her throwing and lifting and coming back from her injury that kept her back from last year’s competitions. It is nice to have here with us.

I will post more info and videos from our training camp in the next few days. But here under are some videos from today.


Our athletes in 2017

1 Daniel Ståhl 68.36m
2 N. Arrhenius 63.97m
3 S. Pettersson 59.62m
4 L. Arrhenius 57.50m
5 J. Gardenkrans 56.83m
1 Mesud Pezer 20.69m
2 Daniel Ståhl 19.60m
3 Leif Arrhenius 18.36m
4 M. Thomsen 18.29m
5 S. Pettersson 17.61m
1 S. Pettersson 19.31m
J. Gardenkrans
1 Fanny Roos 18.13m