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Daniel Ståhl World Lead 68.72m analysis

Daniel Ståhl threw a world leading throw 68.72m at the Swedish Championships at the end of the 2016 season in Stockholm, Sweden. In this throw he broke the championships record, stadium record, area record, club record and of course personal record.

Daniel Stahl 68.72m

Daniel had his best season ever in 2016 even if he did not make the final at the OG. He was 5th in the EC with 64.77m, he was second overall in the DL and won the final in Brussels with 65.78m.

Daniel has been stepping on to the world scene in discus for the last few years and is now after many hard years of working one of the best in the event.

The analysis of his world leading mark are done by his coach Vésteinn Hafsteinsson in a simple way in 14 pictures that are taken from the film of the throw. In general this is an average throw technically for Daniel but with good intensity and competition spirit.



» Overall very good in this part of the throw, long, relaxed and good positions
» Note that arms are long and parallel to the ground, discus height perfect
» Legs have center of gravity between legs and a little on towards right leg, gives good energy
» Head position perfect
» Not much to correct here really, pretty much perfect technique with good feeling



» Starts the throw here very well
» He thinks to start to pivot the left foot when left arm on the right side of the middle line
» Right arm still parallel to the ground and well back
» Right leg and knee in a very good position in relation to left foot pivot and positions of arms
» Head, trunk and leg positions are well in symmetry with center of gravity between legs



» Left foot turn done in good cooperation with right foot, knee, leg sweep
» Left shoulder is over the left hip as he drops the left knee
» Daniel could have the discus little lower behind his butt here but he manages it this way
» His biggest problem that follows this picture is the stop of the left foot turn
» Head position here is very good and just overall a very strong turn position



» Wide low right leg leading with an open foot and inside of the thigh
» Great positions of arms, left arms straight in front and right behind, could be lower
» Left foot stops, it is a problem as mentioned before as then upper body works to much
» Great left knee drop and strong left hip
» Head position outstanding in relation to left arm



» As you can see left foot not that good
» But still great left arm and right arm with discus behind the hip in the sprint phase
» Right leg and foot open leading with the inside of the thigh
» Left knee and hip thrusting forward in a linear way, very strong position
» Head and shoulder positions are great



» Good leg work with left knee drop and right leg drive across the circle
» But here is the biggest weakness in the throw
» Left arm and head pulls away to much and right arm comes to high up 
» This causes to little separation in the power position later on in the throw
» That also then causes lack of speed at release  



» Here Daniel is in the air and his balance and positions are good
» But he could as said before be little more linear here having left arm in front and right back
» His airtime is usually not to long so that part is fine
» We are working on not pulling so much with the left shoulder
» This is probably caused because of lack of energy from the left leg due to his stop on left foot



» This position is great when it comes to balance
» Head position is as well great
» Daniel lands in the middle of the ring that is a big improvement for him
» The path of the discus is going up as left leg is travelling to be put down in the power position
» Left arm could go more out again from pulling in in the sprint, ‘’wrap’’ a little more



» Super good landing on balance, perfect right foot, knee, hip position, very strong
» Orbit of the discus is great, it is high and behind
» Head and shoulder positions are perfect
» Left arm could stretch out more here as said before
» Left leg travelling a little to slow in the to release phase



» As said before Daniel could plant the left foot a microsecond earlier in this position
» This would give him more separation and speed at the moment of release 
» Otherwise the position is great, shoulder positions are good with good elasticity in upper body
» Head position is good
» Still, we can relate this to previous pictures, there is more possible here due to late left leg



» Due to the length of his arms 2.20m and a very high left shoulder upper body here is great
» Discus is way back and great elasticity in the position
» Left leg is down and builds a good block in combination with great left shoulder
» Right leg pivots and pushes the ground away forward and up
» Head position is good and overall very strong position, will get maximum radius out of this



» Very good block with left side, foot, leg, hip and shoulder
» Pivots and pushes very well forward with the right leg
» Gets maximum radius by leaning a little to the right
» Head is in perfect position
» Manages to be behind the discus even if he does some things wrong in previous pictures 



» Maximum radius at the moment of release
» On the ground with both legs when discus leaves the hand, reverse comes afterwards
» Maximum speed, great angle and very high release from the 2.00m tall Daniel
» With the back swing this is the strongest part of his throw due to the ground contact
» Great use of the big body



» Release is on balance and very tall
» Lands with the right leg about where left was planted in the power position
» Great balance
» Stays in the circle
» Screams after the implement with good feeling


Overall, this is a great throw. I asked Daniel how many throws he has thrown in his life that he is happy with. He answered two. 66.89m WL at the time in 2014 and then this throw of 68.72m in 2016 that stands at the end of the year as the WL.

I pretty much agree with Daniel on that. Both throws are technically very good with outstanding speed and power as well as relaxed with great elasticity. 

Daniel has thrown farther in practice about 3m farther actually. We see when we look at this throw both live and when we look through the 14 pictures there are some improvements to be made. Daniel is working hard to makes these improvements and just threw a huge PB indoor in Växjö this weekend. The discus travelled much farther than ever at this time of the year. 

It will be fun to follow the big man in 2017. Enjoy the material and have a Merry Christmas.




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