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It is one of these places, they all used to be like this but there are very few left. We are talking about Gruvan in Stockholm. On an everyday basis Daniel Ståhl lifts there. It is called Stocholms Atletklubb. It is in the middle of Stockholm, pretty much downtown. It looks like you are going into an apartment in a regular apartment complex. But you come into a little weight room instead where people just lift. It is pretty much four platforms with Eleiko weights and people just lift Olympic weightlifting and Power lifting. All ages and all classes and it is just like it used to be. No fancy stuff, just kind of dirty and chalk all over the place and pictures from the past on the walls.

When we were in Stockholm me and Jakob two weeks ago we went to Gruvan of course to lift with Daniel. It was fun and simple. There is something about these places, it gives me some nostalgic feeling because I used to lift in different countries when I was an athlete in these places. They say that this place has been there since 1930 or so, who knows? But, it is one of a kind and it is open 9 to 9 each day. Their neighbours have complained because of some noise but no matter what people just keep on lifting and hopefully for years to come.

The pictures show it all. Enjoy it! I did.


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6 Mesud Pezer 59.42m
1 Fanny Roos 55.79m