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Fanny Roos joins Global Throwing Group

Always at this time of the year some changes happens in our training group due to that some people are about to finish up their career or go another way and then some young an upcoming ones join our group.

Fanny Roos from Ljungby in Sweden is the first young one that joins the GT Group this year. Fanny is 21 years old shot putter that has thrown 17.58m this year. She has been working with Per Karlsson for years and their cooperation has resulted in great development for Fanny from year to year. PK has now decided to quit coaching elite athletes due to personal reasons and Fanny contacted us then to take over.

I am very excited to work with Fanny and through the years I have consulted her and PK a bit and she has been training pretty much with us both in Växjö and also abroad on training camps. She works very hard and has a bright future and should be a candidate to break the Swedish Record in the shot put within some time and be a top eight finisher in any championship in the future.

Fanny’s career so far:

Personal Best:
2016 17,58m
2015 17,05m
2014 16,29m
2013 15,82m
2012 14,76m


2011 Youth         WC, 10th 13,94
2012 Junior         WC, 13th 14,32
2013 Junior         EC,   5th   15,82
2014 Junior         WC  6th   16,29
2015 Indoor        EC   10th  16,61
2015 U23              EC   4th   16,73
2016 Outdoor  EC   20th 16,11

We welcome Fanny into our GT Group and look forward to the cooperation.



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