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Niklas is ready

Niklas Arrhenius competed on Saturday in his 29th discus meet of the year. His seasonal best is 66.02m and he has now thrown 25 meets over 60m. Niklas is preparing for the Swedish Championships coming up this weekend in Sollentuna and on Saturday the performance was 62.79m. The consistency has been very good lately and it looks like Niklas is ready for these two meets.

It is interesting how competitive the men’s discus is this year in Sweden. The list looks like this this year:

Daniel Ståhl            66.92m
Axel Härstedt        66.03m
Niklas Arrhenius   66.02m
Simon Pettersson 63.10m
Leif Arrhenius        62.50m

On top of this Benn Harradine from Australia that competes for the Swedish club Hammarby will also participate this weekend in the Swedish Championships.

I am looking forward to the best ever discus competition in the Swedish Championships and it looks that Niklas Arrhenius is ready.



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