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Jakob won in Iceland

Jakob Gardenkrans can call himself a Nordic Junior Champion now as he won the Nordic Match U19 held in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland this past weekend.

It was a typical Icelandic bad weather day when the discus competition was held and hard to throw. But Jakob got one good throw in that was his third best of the year 59.73m.

This was a big win for Jakob and a good step forward. He has been close in the WJC and the Swedish Junior Championships, but now he did it and it is well deserved, Jakob has been working very hard the whole year.

His next step is now to get his PB with the 2kg up as it is only just over 53m but he should be able to throw at least 55-57m with that implement as the goal next year as a 20 year old is to throw it already then 60m.

Big Congratulations to Jakob on his big win.


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