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Jakob close to make the final in Bydgoszcz

Jakob Gardenkrans got 15th in the qualification rounds in the WJC in discus yesterday in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Jakob threw 57.14m and was 48cm from making the final. This is the best performance for Jakob in international championships so far.

There were 45 competitors in the discus competition and very many young good throwers that fought for the top 12 final spot. Jakob was really as close as he could be and even had a farther throw that the officials called a foul on his heel in the start, so little unlucky there.

But, Jakob is in this business for the long run and is just beginning his international career and this performance was a good step forward for him. Jakob has thrown a Swedish Junior Record this year of 62.58m and has developed both technically, physically and now mentally forward and he has a bright future in front of him as a discus thrower.

Good job Jakob, this performance was fine and we go on.



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