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Daniel with his best place ever in DL in Monaco

He competed twice in Diamond League already in 2013, four times in 2014, once last year and so far this year Daniel Ståhl has competed in all of the DL meets in discus. Yesterday Daniel threw 62.87m and got second in the DL meet in Monaco. That is the highest he has gotten so far after being pretty often in the fourth to seventh place.

Daniel competed in his 15th meet of the year if we include his two indoor meets as well. He did great even if the result was nothing spectacular. Daniel has proved now that he is a world class discus thrower on the absolute highest level and is now after five DL meets ranked number three in the Diamond Race in the discus throw.

Daniel will compete in an EA-c meet in Budapest in two days and then in Karlstad FGP on the 27th July that will be his last meet before he goes on the Swedish holding camp in Rio Major in Portugal.



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