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Oslo Diamond League

In the Oslo Diamond League meeting, Daniel and Simon went up against many throwers who are expected to make the final in Tokyo, including Lukas Weißhaidinger, Andrius Gudžius, Fedrick Dacres, and once again, Kristjan Čeh. It was a good opportunity to compare Simon to these Olympic contenders, and I was very happy with what I saw. He threw 64.52m on his second throw, and then put the gas on to try to make the top three. He fouled his last three attempts, but finished in fifth place overall and once again showed a lot of capacity and determination.

Daniel has been working on creating more horizontal power in his turn out of the back and sprint across the ring, and this was the best he’s done with that so far this year. Unfortunately, he was scooping the discus a bit at the finish, and so his throws were going too high. Even so, he produced the four farthest throws of the day, including a best of 68.65m. In the sixth-round “final” as featured in the new Diamond League format, Daniel, Kristjan and Lukas Weißhaidinger were each given one attempt to decide the top three places.

Weißhaidinger threw first and went 61.03m, then Kristjan put one out to 65.72m. Daniel scooped his throw badly, throwing it very high and almost sideways. But, sometimes it pays to be very big and very strong, and his throw measured to the exact same distance as Čeh--65.72m.

Daniel was awarded first place because he had the farthest throw from the first five rounds, and I was happy because he had no fouls and once again demonstrated the capacity to produce big throws once he finds his best rhythm.

People have asked me what makes Kristjan Čeh so good, and so I will touch on this. One thing that stands out is that, for a young guy, Kristjan is very cool and calm. He goes into the circle with good focus, and doesn’t rush things. He is 6’9'' tall, and uses his levers well. He achieves good separation and flies the discus well, and when he hits it it goes a long way because he is so long. In relation to how young he is, he is the best that ever lived. I can see him throw in no wind sixty-eight or sixty-nine meters, which will make him a medal contender in Tokyo.

Of course, with Daniel’s size, strength, and experience, he might have the ability to throw seventy-one or seventy-two meters with no wind, so any time he has a good day he will be hard to beat. As with Kuortane, and the Swedish Cup, I was happy with what I saw from my guys in Oslo. As I said, Daniel showed enormous capacity by throwing 65.72m sideways, and Simon compared very well to the expected contenders in Tokyo.
On to Stockholm.


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Our athletes in 2021

1 Daniel Stahl 70.55m  
2 Simon Pettersson 69.48m  
3 S.M. Skagestad 62.99m  
1 Marcus Thomsen 21.09m  
1 Fanny Roos 19.34m