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Nick Percy British Champion

Even if the distance could have been a little farther, then a win is a win. Nick Percy won the British Championships today in Birmingham, GBR. His winning throw was 60.57m

This was the last meet for Nick this season and he should be happy. First year out of college he steps on to the European scene and gets good performances in big stadiums all over the place without windy conditions etc.

Nick got a valuable experience for the future and has an average higher than ever of all his meets a little over 60m. He still lacks to beat his PB of 63.38m since 2016 but it will come next year.

Today was a great way to finish up this season with a win at the British Championships.

It is possible Nick will throw in two more meets or so, otherwise it is over for this summer.

We congratulate Nick on his win today, great job.



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