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Mesud with a new Bosnian Record

Mesud Pezer broke the Bosnian National Record today in a throwing meet in Växjö, Sweden. He improved his record that he set two years ago from 21.40m to 21.48m. Not a big improvement but still a great one. Two years ago his record was huge and a big improvement that he has not really got close to since until for the last few weeks. At the end of June beginning of July Mesud had two meets over 21m and he had one indoors as well this winter.

Few days ago we knew that something was going to happen soon as he threw 21.51m in practice that was a new training PB. It looks like Mesud is taking the next step in his career with this today. He gets from 16th on the world list to 14th where the competitiveness is better than ever with seven guys on the list over 22m. On the IAAF ranking system over the best ranked shot putters in the world Mesud is currently ranked number 16 with 1226 points.

Mesud will compete again on Friday in the FGP in Göteborg Sweden. We look forward to that meet.

Today Marcus Thomsen improved his newly set outdoor PB from 20.11m to 20.12m. Marcus is recovering greatly from his earlier back operation and is slowly coming back to his shape that he had indoors this winter when he threw 20.58. It looks as he will throw a similar distance before the outdoor season is over.

In the discus today in Växjö Simon Pettersson had 61.51m, Mesud actually threw a SB of 57.31m and Jakob Gardenkrans had 54.63m and Marcus Thomsen had a SB of 48.55.

We congratulate Marcus on his outdoor PB. And the big result of the day was Mesud´s Bosnian Record in the shot. Huge congratulations.



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