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Lots of action for GT Group Athletes

It was pretty much going on this weekend for the GT Group Athletes.

Jakob Gardenkrans competed in the Swedish Junior Championships in Göteborg and won the discus with 57.82m, which is his 3rd best meet this season. His SB is 59.50m and it looks like that Jakob can break that mark soon as his feeling is better.

Niklas Arrhenius threw a SB in a throwing meet at home in BYU USA, 62.02m is the new mark. Niklas will fly over to Europe soon and compete in G;teborg on the 16th of August both in discus and shot and try to make the Swedish Team for the Finnkampen.

Martin Kupper and Kristo Galeta competed in European Team Championships 2nd League in Varazdin in Croatia. Martin got second in the discus with a good throw of 63.51m and Kristo got 3rd in the shot with a decent 19.57m throw. Both guys did fine and got valuable points for the Estonian Team that won the meet.

Marcus Thomsen did also fine in Sandnes in Norway when he got 3rd in the European Team Championships 1st League. Marcus had 19.62m in the meet that was a little under expectations but still a decent performance for the young Norwegian that has a SB outdoor best of 20.11m since last week.

Fanny Roos and Daniel Ståhl then competed in Bydgoszcz in Poland for their Swedish National Team in the European Team Championships Super League . After a very tough start Fanny managed to get 2nd in the meet with a 18.54m throw. Daniel got dehydrated in the heat and made the mistake on drinking too little and totally lost the feeling. Ended up 3rd with 61.38m throw that is of course 7-8m under what he should have done.

So, ups and downs but we are happy for the athletes that did well and those that missed will come back, for sure.



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Our athletes in 2021

1 Marcus Thomsen 21.09m  
1 Fanny Roos 18.64m