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Marcus with SB Outdoors

After a great indoor season with a huge PB of 20.58m and 7th place in the final of the EIC with a 20.22m throw, Marcus Thomsen had a back operation on May 5th. He did his first outdoor meet in the EU23 meet in Sweden in the middle 
of July and had 19.41m in the final there where he ended up being 4th. In the qualification of that meet he actually threw an outdoor training PB of 19.94m and improved it from last year of 19.82m. Two days later he had 19.88m in the FGP in Varberg, Sweden. So, Marcus had his 3rd meet of the outdoor season today and threw a new SB and also a new outdoor PB of 20.11m in the Norwegian Championships in Sigdal, Norway.
Marcus had a good series: 19.24, 19.65, 20.11, 19.56, 19.93, 19.93. This is a great performance for Marcus and we congratulate him on this step forward after a very tough time with recovering after the operation.

Simon Pettersson and Nick Percy competed today again in Leiria Portugal, where Simon yesterday qualified to Doha with 65.03m. Today Simon had 64.00m and Nick 60.36m.



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