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Seasonal best for Simon and Jakob

Both have been struggling a lot so far this season due to injuries and technical feeling. But, some positive stuff happened to Simon Pettersson and Jakob Gardenkarns today.

Simon won the meet Öresundsspelen in Helsingborg, Sweden with a SB of 63.23m. It is a positive result for Simon that had 62.75m as a SB before today that he threw in Malmö last week. Simon has a PB of 65.84m since last year.

Jakob threw his huge PB last year 63.63m and this SB today was his second best meet ever after the big one. Jakob had 59.50m today and was 3rd in the competition that was very, very good for him. His previous SB was 57.34m from an earlier meet in Skruv, Sweden. Still, unstable and struggling with the technical aspect but working hard on trying to get it together.

This was a great day for both athletes and we congratulate them on the Seasonal best performances.



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