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Daniel breaks the Swedish Record

Daniel Ståhl broke his own two year old Swedish Record yesterday in the throwing carnival in Bottnaryd, Sweden. Daniel threw the discus 71.86m in the 5th round and with that throw he took over the world lead again for the year 2019. This throw is equal to the 4th best ever in history with Juriy Dumchev from Russia. So far this season has been amazing for Daniel. The only miss was in Turku, Finland when he fouled his first three throws and got eliminated from the meet with no result. Otherwise the meets have been like this:

  • Doha, 70.56m
  • Stockholm, 69.57m
  • Rabat, 69.94m
  • Sollentuna, 69.12m
  • Malmö, 69.89m
  • Bottnaryd, 71.86m

The average is 70.15m that is just outstanding. In his career now he has thrown totally 10 meets over 69m and six of them are from 2019, two from 2018 and two from 2017. His top ten average is now 70.02m. These numbers are super good and it looks like it will keep on coming.

In Bottnaryd yesterday Martin Kupper got second with a good throw of 64.83m, Simon Pettersson was 4th with 61.67m, Nick Percy threw better and ended up in 5th with 61.10m and Jakob Gardenkrans was 7th with 56.83m.

In the shot put Mesud Pezer won with a 20.69m throw and Kristo Galeta got one more around 20m throw when he ended up 2nd with a strong 19.97m. Kristo has now during his trip here got four meets between 19.94m and 20.24m, new level for him and good to see.

Fanny Roos threw 18.18m in the shot that was good enough to win and got 4th in the discus with a SB of 55.08m.

The man of the day was Daniel Ståhl, wow. BIG Congratulations to Daniel on his new record.



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1 Fanny Roos 18.64m