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Mesud throws big

He hit a huge throw two years ago and until today it was by far his best throw, 21.40m. Mesud Pezer then had his second best meet ever outdoors when he competed in Växjö, Sweden and won the meet with 21.27m. First it was ruled as a foul but after video check and a protest it was judged as a valid throw from the head referee. This was Mesud's fourth meet over 21m, he has two indoors on 21.15m and 21.08m. This was a very good step for him as he should be able to throw 22m within a year or two.

Kristo Galeta got second in the meet with a great throw of 19.97m. He threw a PB 20.24m few days ago in Malmö and followed it up now with a great meet again in Växjö. It is great to see Kristo coming along after very hard work for a long time. He is going for the Estonian record that is 40 years old and is 20.53m. It will fall, just question about when.

In the meet Fanny Roos improved his SB in the discus with a 54.57m throw that is around a meter of her best of 55.79m, good result for Fanny that does not really train discus at all.

Martin Kupper won the men's discus with a solid effort of 62.88m without really hitting it.

Simon Pettersson keeps on struggling with his feeling and only had 60.31m today but will keep on working to come back to his best shape ever.

Nick Percy had his third meet in a row around 60m that is an improvement for him, in Copenhagen he had 59.84m, in Malmö he had 59.62m and today in Växjö he had 59.75m. Nick is working hard towards the World University Games and seems to be getting in better feeling with the implement.

Jakob Gardenkrans is struggling with his feeling and had 54.94m today without any good throws. He keeps on trying to prepare for the ECU23 coming up in three weeks.

Good day for the group and useful meet for us to go on, but the man of the day was Mesud Pezer for sure.



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