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"How to Become an Olympic Champion" is a video series by coach Vésteinn Hafsteinsson on example of Discus Throw legend Gerd Kanter. The first video series puts focus on Olympic Lifting for Throwers. Click here for more info.


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ANALYSIS: Daniel Ståhl World Leading throw 69.72m

ANALYSIS: Daniel Ståhl threw 2018 world leading throw 69.72m at the National Championships in Eskilstuna, Sweden. The analysis of his world leading mark is done by coach Vesteinn Hafsteinsson in a simple way in 12 pictures that are taken from the film of the throw.

1. Long and smooth backswing
2. Weight shifts from left to right
3. Still a great contact between left foot and discus to start the turn

1. Super good and early start with both feet/legs
2. Good arm positions when center of gravity is between legs
3. Great balance and head position

1. Very strong left hip when right leg comes off
2. Arm positions great and long
3. Good timing here and balance for attack the sprint 

1. The weak part of the throw, left foot stops
2. Still a great position of left arm and left hip
3. Right leg good but right arm a little too high

1. This looks worse than it is, there is a great speed here in the sprint
2. Due to the left foot stop earlier on left arm pulls away and right arm lifts too much
3. Still a better and longer sprint with the legs than before, that is good

1. About to land in the middle of the circle that is good and farther forward than before
2. Recovers the arm positions here and gets a little wrap with a high orbit
3. Strong position and very fast for the big man

1. Very good landing on balance
2. Super high orbit that is great
3. Left arm can be little more back

1. Great position on feet in the power position
2. Left leg a bit late down
3. Very good high left shoulder

1. High left shoulder with a great block
2. Position on right feet/leg is very good but little late
3. Super long radius

1. The strongest part of the throw, super block
2. Discus released with both feet on the ground
3. Huge radius, more to come with right leg forward push

1. Coming off with feet simultaneously 
2. Keeps left side very strong and tall in the act of reverse
3. Very fast release forward

1. Stays very tall through the follow through, look at level shoulders
2. Pushes very hard forward even if he had some upper body in front of right leg
3. He almost fouled the throw as he went so hard after it




68.72m 2016

It was a great technical throw and probably if you look at it frame by frame the best one of these three WL throws. The conditions were pretty good but Daniel hit the technique well with relaxed feeling. I think the start in that throw is very good technically but little lack of feeling in the sprint and backing out a little in the release. 68.72m WL throw analysis from season 2016

71.29m 2017

This throw was brutally powerful and thrown in the best conditions of these three meets. Mentally Daniel was really on in this meet and with a huge will to throw far he did it very much on power and speed. Technically it is not as good as the other two throws in 2016 and 2018. He is not doing so well in the sprint phase and backing out again at the finish but with unbelievable power and will that was the strength in that throw. 71.29m WL throw analysis from season 2017

69.72m 2018

This is my favorite throw of these three. The conditions were similar as in 2016 but he threw farther, why? Very good start better sprint and farther forward in the circle, less walk. Great reaction in the power position forward with a great follow through. This means more speed of release and a farther throw. This is the closest that he has gotten to throw as he should in the future, it will come and then it will go much farther.

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