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Daniel with Seasonal Best in Karlstad

Daniel Ståhl threw his seasonal best in Karlstad this evening 69.11m. It is the 3rd best result in the world this year and also Daniel´s 3rd best ever, only his 71.29m and 69.19m from last year are better. Daniel is throwing technically better than before and is in tremendous physical shape. Still, tonight it was unstable as it was his first meet in three weeks after a training period he has done now before the EC. But he had great warmup throws and huge throws in the first two rounds that he threw in the cage. Still, a huge performance and nice to see Daniel in this form. His training has been going really well for the last three weeks.

Simon Pettersson was 5th in the meet and performed little under his capacity. His training has been going outstanding so just a bad or so and so day today for Simon.

Nick Percy had a very tough day and ended up 8th in the meet and could not do what he has been doing lately in practice. Nick just needs to continue to work and compete in these quality meets.

Fanny Roos had a good meet even if the stability could be better but 18.18m is good for Fanny and she is also in tremendous shape for the EC Championships coming up soon.

The FGP Meet in Karlstad was an unbelievable meet tonight with tremendous performances. A really good night of athletics with great weather and great crowd and fans.



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Our athletes in 2020

1 Daniel Ståhl 70.25m  
2 Simon Pettersson 67.10m  
3 Niklas Arrhenius 64.14m  
4 S. M. Skagestad 63.35m  
5 J. Gardenkrans 59.92m  
6 Nick Percy 58.25m  
1 Fanny Roos 54.50m  
2 Daniella Persson 50.97m  
1 Marcus Thomsen 21.03m  
2 S. M. Skagestad 17.15m  
1 Fanny Roos 18.77m