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Great training in Växjö

During these weeks now many throwers come by and train with the GT Group.

Last week Eoin Sheridan and his coach Peter Collins from Ireland came by for three days and we did six sessions together in the discus.

Few days ago Kristo Galeta and Rait Sinijärv came from Estonia and stay for two weeks and throw shot.

Viktor Gardenkrans is moving to town after his studies in Arizona for the last few years and will throw both events.

Oscar Gustafsson will be in town on and off this summer and work on his discus.

Eight athletes were together in the weight room today, lifting, screaming and enjoying each others company. It is a very successful way of training and gives a great atmosphere both during training and after. We have one month now to the EC in Berlin and there are more athletes coming soon, it is fun.



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