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Nick Percy throws very well

Nick Percy competed yesterday in the British League meet in Bedford, Great Britain. Nick had a great meet and his second best of his whole career. He threw 63.17m and won the meet.

Nick has just finished up his eligibility at the University of Nebraska where he won the NCAA Championships as a sophomore or second year student competing for the school. He also did great through the years at Nebraska in the Conference meet and won that multiple times as well as he placed high in the Regional’s each year.

This year he has been struggling with being sick at the wrong time really that kind of a affected his NCAA this year as well as the British Championships in a negative way. After winning the British Championships two year in a row he had to settle for 3rd last week.

But after getting one more week of training and feeling better with a little new emphasis on his start I the throw and with less pressure on being off school for a while he did great yesterday.

We are all very happy to see Nick throw so well again and it will be fun to see him perform for the last few weeks.



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