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Daniel and Simon throw very far

The Swedish Team Championships were held in Helsingborg, Sweden today. The discus throw for men was the best event with super results of Daniel Ståhl and Simon Pettersson.

Daniel threw 68.12m that is seasonal best and I am very happy to see him get better and get more control over his technique. There is much more coming from Daniel later on in the season if he continues to work hard as he has been doing lately. Super good meet.

Simon Pettersson was very good also and had his fourth meet of the season over 65m when he threw 65.44m. I do not think I have seen Simon in better shape and he will also throw farther soon.

Simon also had a foul on 66.60m or so and Daniel had a foul on 68.70m or around that distance. So, the guys put on a show and did super. I am very happy with their competition.



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