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Marcus and Jakob are getting back

Jakob Gardenkrans and Marcus Thomsen have been struggling since some time back in their events at the meets they have been competing in. Tonight at Boysen Memorial in Oslo, Norway there were some good signs for both of the young athletes.

Jakob did not end up throwing farther than 56.58m in the discus but felt much better and felt capacity again and was very positive after the meet. Jakob ended up in 6th place in a good quality meet.

Marcus has had many meets around 19m and little over and little under for the last month and ended up with 19.29m tonight and won the shot put competition. Not only that but he hit a huge foul throw way over 20m also and that shows that he is about to break through as expected.

These young athletes are born 1997 and 1998 and are very promising in their events and have all the opportunity to be world class for years to come. Marcus had an outstanding year in 2017 and a great indoor season in 2018. Jakob broke through with a huge PB earlier on this spring. It will be interesting to follow them in the nearest future as both showed positive signs tonight in Oslo.





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