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Bottnaryd 2018

Once again we went to Bottnarydskastet and competed yesterday. As usual the atmosphere was outstanding and very good results were achieved.

In the men’s discus Daniel Ståhl won actually his first meet of the year in a very close competition with the world leader Fredrick Dacres from Jamaica. Daniel threw 67.39m and was closer to do what we have been working on and gets better all the time now. He needs two or three more weeks on working to be back in his best shape ever or at least where he has been before. It is all technical as he lost his feeling for a while but it was fun to see him yesterday throw so well so Daniel did an outstanding job in the meet and put on a show for the spectators and showed them some world class throwing.

Simon Pettersson had a pretty good meet and got 4th in the meet behind Ståhl, Dacres and Milanov. All six throws over 62m and the farthest 63.40m was fine. Still he lacked a little up to his 65.49m he had in Stockholm DL last week or up to his PB of 65.81m since Leiria earlier this year. But it was an acceptable good meet for Simon and a great stability and control in his throwing.

Niklas Arrhenius flew to Sweden for this meet from USA as this was the 20th time the meet was held and he was honored by the meet promoters with a medal for being loyal to the meet and for what he has done through the years for Swedish throwing. Almost nobody has participated more often in Bottnarydkasted than Niklas. We congratulate him on the honor that he got yesterday, well deserved. Niklas threw well also and got 5th in the meet with SB of 61.72m. Great result for him.

Jakob Gardenkrans underperformed and was struggling and ended up with only 54.84m and 8th place. Jakob just needs to continue and keep his focus and get more experience and compete a little better. His training is going fine and he will do better soon.

Fanny Roos was second in the shot and struggled a lot as she has been doing in the last five meets. She had 17.72m that is under what she is capable of doing. With her PB of 18.68m since earlier this year it is obvious that Fanny can do much more and she is doing that every day in practice. We need to figure out how she can compete a little better and we will. Fanny is in very good shape and works very hard, she will do better soon. Fanny also competed in the discus and did 51.59m that was good for 3rd place.

In men’s shot Mesud Pezer had one of his best meets ever with all throws over 20m and managed to throw his 3rd farthest meet outdoors and seasonal best with 20.79. He also broke Tim Nedow’s meet and stadium record of 20.59m set in 2015. Mesud is getting into a very good shape. Physically he is getting there and technically he is struggling a little as Daniel. He will soon be where he should be and then he will throw over 21m. His outdoor PB is 21.40m and indoor 21.15m. We are putting all emphasis on the EC and I am very excited about how he will do there. This meet yesterday was a good indicator on that it can be good.

Marcus Thomsen had a tough day. It was little strange as he came back in OSLO DL and did really well and put the shot again far 19.41m that was only 20cm from his outdoor PB. Yesterday he was somehow empty in the tank and nothing really happened and he ended up throwing only 18.49m that was good enough for a 3rd place finish.

I want to thank Greger Melin and Jonas Mellblom for Bottnarydskasted, it was great to be out there yesterday once again. Great weather, many spectators and good athmosphere in beautiful surroundings. You are doing a hell of a job for developing Swedish throwing. THANKS.


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Our athletes in 2019

1 Martin Kupper 62.11m
2 J Gardenkrans 55.91m
1 Mesud Pezer 21.08m
2 Marcus Thomsen 20.58m
3 Niklas Arrhenius 18.20m
1 Fanny Roos 18.61m
1 Nick Percy 20.52m