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Steve Scott Invitational in Irvine

Yesterday we drove to Los Angeles, Irvine and competed in the Steve Scott Invitational where we have through the years got very good results for the GT Group.

This time the meet started up with that Marcus Thomsen won the shot put with a 19.28m effort. He seemed to be close to hit a bigger throw but did not so his meets during this trip have been 19.19m, 19.20m and 19.28m. It is fine and there will be more coming from Marcus later on. He is doing really well here on the training camp.

The next one to compete was Fanny Roos in the discus and she threw her second best throw ever and got third in the event with a good throw of 53.23m. Then two one and a half hour later she was in action again in the shot put and won her fourth meet in a row with 17.68m throw. Fanny never really had the timing during the meet and ended up throwing exact one meter under her new PB two weeks ago. Fanny should be very happy with her training camp here it has been going outstanding for her.

In the men’s discus we had three competitors and they got the three first places in the event. This time Simon Pettersson won the meet with a good throw of 63.92m and he was not happy with it. Still a good win and a pretty far throw. Simon is doing really well here.

Daniel Ståhl had to settle for second place behind Simon this time. Physically he was much better than in the other meets but is struggling with timing in the throw and is off in feeling. Still he had a big out of sector throw so it will come and Daniel has to have patient to go through this period of struggling.

Jakob Gardenkrans is dealing with timing also and had one decent throw yesterday and that is not good enough. But, he had his big PB and he is coming back from that and just needs to find the feeling and rhythm in the throw. Then Jakob wil have a goal to get as many 57-61m throws as possible to upper his average. It will come. Jakob is generally doing really well and just needs to grow up into his new role of a discus thrower. 

Generally was this day yesterday fine even if I know that most of the athletes wanted more. It was great for me as a coach to see the gang in these meets here during our tough training camp here at Chula Vista. It will help me to prepare them for the upcoming European season that will start in Halle, Germany on May 26th.



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