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Meet at Long Beach

The 24th Annual Beach Invitational was held today at Long Beach State University in Los Angeles.

Mesud Pezer won the shot put with a throw of 19.82m and could not really put it together as he wanted to.

Marcus Thomsen got second with a throw of 19.20m and was close to throw much farther.

In the women’s shot put Fanny Roos won with a throw of 18.01m. She was also struggling with the technique but still a good performance.

In the men’s discus Daniel Ståhl was 3rd with a 64.35m effort.  Simon Pettersson was 5th with 61.87m and Jakob Gardenkrans did not make the final when he had 55.77m as the best throw.

It was generally little off today even if most of the athletes got away from the meet with decent results and performances.

Next meet on Saturday at Irvine.



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