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Celebration for Jakob Gardenkrans

It does not happen every day that somebody breaks his PB with 5.62m, but it happened today.

Jakob Gardenkrans had a PB of 53.16m in 2016. He improved that to 58.01m in 2017. Then today he threw 63.63m. This kind of improvement is amazing and very rare.

But, if someone deserves this kind of improvement then Jakob actually does. He has been working with me for 2.5 years now and he just throws and lifts, follows the program and never really complains. He can get little mad at himself in between in practice but I as a coach have almost nothing to complain about. I have been telling him since New Year, just let the clock tick, time is working with you and just keep on.

So, after two meets in Leiria in March and now here at Chula Vista, Daniel Ståhl has thrown 68.03m, Simon Pettersson 65.81m and Jakob 63.63m. They are all qualified already for the European Championships later on this summer in Berlin, Germany.

After the meet we went out to a steak house restaurant and celebrated Jakob and also Mesud as he also threw a PB in the discus of 59.42m even if he is a shot putter. Here are pictures from the evening, it was nice.

Huge congratulations to Jakob Gardenkrans on his big breakthrough today. We greet Mesud as well for a great meet.



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Our athletes in 2020

1 Simon Pettersson 66.93m
2 Niklas Arrhenius 60.28m
2 J. Gardenkrans 59.92m
3 Nick Percy 58.25m
1 Fanny Roos 52.76m
2 Daniella Persson 49.52m
1 Marcus Thomsen 21.01m
1 Fanny Roos 18.22m