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Training Camp in Leiria Portugal

Global Throwing group arrived to a training camp in Leiria, Portugal on Sunday. It was in 2014 and 2015, when the European Throwing Cup was held in Leiria and we aso had a great training camp back then.

The Winter Throwing Cup is back in Leiria and we decided to have a training camp here. We have a big team here - Coach  Vésteinn Hafsteinsson, athletes Daniel Ståhl, Simon Pettersson, Jakob Gardekrans, Marcus Thomsen, Mesud Pezer, Fanny Roos, manager Hans Üürike and consultant Shaun Pickering.

It has been a good weather and great training sessions. Here are some pictures and videos from the camp.


"How to Become an Olympic Champion" is a video series by coach Vésteinn Hafsteinsson on example of Discus Throw legend Gerd Kanter. The first video series puts focus on Olympic Lifting for Throwers. Click here for more info.


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