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Mesud 21.15m and 5th in the world

Mesud Pezer had today the best meet of his life - he was competing at World Indoor Championships in Birmingham and threw 21.15m in the third round. That is the new National and Balkan Record and gave Mesud 5th position at the highest level shot put meet indoors ever.

Mesud started with 20.36m in the first round, followed by 20.31m. This has usually guaranteed a position in the top8, but today it was enough for 9th at that moment. On the third round Mesud achieved amazing 21.15m, which placed him to 3-4th position (sharing it with David Storl). Mesud continued the meet with high level 20.58m and 20.73m.

Huge congratulations to Mesud! You are the 5th Shot Putter in the world today!


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Our athletes in 2019

1 Martin Kupper 62.11m
2 J Gardenkrans 55.91m
1 Mesud Pezer 21.08m
2 Marcus Thomsen 20.58m
3 Niklas Arrhenius 18.20m
1 Fanny Roos 18.61m
1 Nick Percy 20.52m