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Mesud with a meet record in Stockholm

Mesud Pezer that started his season last week with two indoor PB´s of 20.68m and 20.76m in meets in Ostrava and Belgrade competed today in Raka Spåret in Stockholm. Mesud broke his meet record since last year of 19.99m and had 20.44m today.

It was a great win for Mesud and shows how his average has gone up big time since one year ago.

Fanny Roos had 17.29m to win the women´s competition and was that a bit under what was expected of her as her training lately has indicated on bigger throws. But, it will come soon, Fanny should be patient and let it come as the shape is great.

But, overall a good day for Mesud and Fanny in Stockholm.


On picture: Daniel Stahl celebrating Mesud´s win in his hometown.


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