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Mesud opens with Bosnian Record in Ostrava

Mesud Pezer competed today at Czech Indoor Gala in Ostrava. Mesud had a great season opener, with 20.61m in the first round, then 20.68m in the third and 20.60m in the sixth round. 20.68m gave him second position in the meet. This actually is the new Indoor Record for Bosnia - previous record was 20.57m from season 1980 (by Zlatan Saračević)!

Tomáš Staněk won with WL 21.61m, world bronze medallist Stipe Zunic was third with 20.54m, followed by Konrad Bukowiecki 20.29m and Ryan Whiting 19.68m.

Mesud competes next in Stockholm at Raka Sparet on February 3rd.

Great job Mesud!


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