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Coach V Pro Tip - Marcus Thomsen 19.57m PB

CoachV ProTip: Here are some great tips from coach Vésteinn Hafsteinsson on Marcus Thomsen  indoor PB 19.57m.

This is a good overall effort by Marcus in his first indoor meet of the year and a huge indoor PB.
There are still some things to improve on:

1. Marcus is falling over a bit with his upper body in the sprint due to a little rushy start.
2. He should have the left arm little higher or parallel to the ground when the right leg sweeps forward.
3. It would make his wrap stronger.
4. That would then get his left leg faster down.
5. That would give Marcus a faster reaction on the right to get more speed of release and a farther throw.

There is definitely more to come from the European Junior Champion soon!

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