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"How to Become an Olympic Champion" is a video series by coach Vésteinn Hafsteinsson on example of Discus Throw legend Gerd Kanter. The first video series puts focus on Olympic Lifting for Throwers. Click here for more info.


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Daniel Ståhl World Lead 71.29m analysis

Daniel Ståhl threw a world leading throw 71.29m at the Folksam GP Sollentuna, Sweden. In this throw he broke the long standing Swedish National Record held by legendary Ricky Bruch, also marks as the 9th all-time result in discus history. Daniel had an exceptional season with a silver medal at World Championships in London, besides that World Lead, high level consistency during the season with 12 meets over 67m.

The analysis of his world leading mark is done by his coach Vésteinn Hafsteinsson in a simple way in 13 pictures that are taken from the film of the throw. 

1. Slow rhythmical and relaxed backswing, be aware of the center of gravity
2. Good contact between left foot and discus, long arms
3. Good balance and find the right timing to start the throw

1. Pivot left foot and get right leg moving at the same time in contact with discus
2. When center of gravity is between the legs, arms in cross
3. Left foot, knee, hip, shoulder move as a strong unit and lead the throw 

1. Great contact between left foot, knee, hip, shoulder when right leg comes off
2. Very long arms and center of gravity moves from right to left
3. Very strong half squat position with discus back and lead with legs

1. When right leg comes off the ground strong left hip
2. Discus is back and right leg sweeping, left foot strong
3. Good balance in attack position, arms and head in good position

1. Discus is back but should be lower
2. Left knee drops down towards the right sector
3. Left arm in front with a focal point towards the left sector

1. Sprint forward to the middle of the ring towards left sector
2. Try to go down on left knee, deeper
3. Arms long, try to keep right arm lower

1. When about to land in the middle of the ring with right foot, discus lifts up
2. Long arms, balance, strong body
3. Landing little to the right of the  center of the ring

1. Lands in great balance with long arms
2. Left leg is travelling to the front, when it hits discus back of shoulder hight
3. Very good tension, reaction possibilty for attacking in power position

1. Great balance in power position, discus up and long arms
2. Little late with left down
3. Head position and left shoulder position very good, weight on right leg

1. Rotates on the left into a leter push forward
2. High left shoulder and right arm way back
3. Great hip position for using legs into maximum speed of release

1. Left side stops
2. All power comes over to right side of the body, great radius on arms
3. Both legs on the ground when discus leaves the hand

1. Thrusts everything forward
2. Legs comes simultaneously off the ground after discus leaves hand
3. Holds the block and head against the throw very well, fights the reverse 

1. Reverse comes late and is a reaction to the none reverse
2. Right leg lands in the reverse where left was before
3. Big scream, 71.29m, WL

Daniel has thrown all together 3 World Leads in his career and we have always analyzed those throws. So give a look to Daniel 66.89m WL throw analysis from season 2014 and 68.72m WL throw analysis from season 2016 as well.


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