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Castorama and a record for Fanny

Simon Pettersson and Fanny Roos decided to go from Stockholm to Uppsala after Finnkampen and do one Castorama together that is the throwing tradition in Sweden. You finish up the season with doing shot, javelin, discus and hammer and get points for the whole thing.

Well, Fanny broke her record since last year of 3.695 and improved that mark to 3.714 points. But, this big surprise was that she broke her Swedish Record in the shot with 1cm to 18.21m. Fanny did not expect that at all and due to that she probably was just relaxed and hit it well technically with good feeling. In the other events she threw the javelin 39.42m, discus 51.50m and hammer 53.92m.

Simon Pettersson improved his Castorama series since last year with 40 points and got 3.541 points. Simon put the shot 16.83m, threw the javelin 58.72m, discus 60.60m and finished up with 53.53m in the hammer. Simon will do one more Castorama in Karlstad on Saturday.

Well, big congratulations to both of the athletes on their new Castorama PB’s but super congratulations to Fanny on her new unexpected Swedish Record.


Our athletes in 2018

1 Mesud Pezer 21.15m
2 Marcus Thomsen 19.82m
3 Leif Arrhenius 19.25m
4 Daniel Stahl 18.78m
5 Niklas Arrhenius 18.37m
6 Simon Pettersson 17.50m
7 J. Gardenkrans 16.06m
1 Fanny Roos 18.68m
1 Daniel Stahl 69.72m
2 Simon Pettersson 65.84m
3 J. Gardenkrans 63.63m
4 Nick Percy 63.17m
5 Niklas Arrhenius 61.72m
6 Mesud Pezer 59.42m
1 Fanny Roos 55.79m