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Fanny breaks the Swedish Record

Fanny Roos was very disappointed after not making the final in the WC in London few days ago as she was in top shape but did not manage to throw more than 17.31m in the qualification rounds.

Right after she came out of the mixed zone after the meet we decided to turn the negative experience over to something positive and go for the Swedish Record in the remaining meets. Today four days after the qualifications rounds in London she did it. 18.20m is the new record and Fanny threw it in the Swedish Junior Championships in Gävle, Sweden.

This was the fifth meet outdoors over 18m for Fanny she had thrown 18.09m,18.14m,18.14m and 18.16m outdoors and had 18.13m indoors at the EIC when she got fourth this winter. At that time she equaled the indoor record but now she broke the seven year old record of 18.17m held by Helena Engman.

Fanny has had an unbelievable season in 2017. She won her big meet that was the ECU23 held in Poland one month ago. She threw then 18.14m and since that she has been training really well for the WC. And even if she missed the final it was outstanding to get this today. Fanny is young and she has a super bright future in front of her and probably many championships finals.


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