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Mesud breaks the National Record

Mesud Pezer competed in his home country yesterday in the city of Sokolac, as a last preparation meet before the WC coming up in London in a week. Mesud had three legal throws of 20.58m, 20.24m and then he hit the big bomb, 21.40m.

With this throw he broke the National Record 21.11m of his home country Bosnia Herzegovina that had stood since 1984 and was held by Zlatan Saračević.

With this performance Mesud jumps up to the 14th place on the World list and 7th place on the European list in the shot put.

Mesud has been working very, very hard for the last few years and has totally dedicated himself to the sport with not too much of resources behind him. But with help of friends and family he has managed since 2013 to train full time. He won the European Junior Championships U20 in 2013 with a throw of 20.44m with the 6kg. Then that year he had 18.86m with the 7.26kg. In 2014 he improved that mark to 19.37m. In 2015 Mesud had 19.99m and last year in 2016 20.58m. And now he improved his previous PB from 20.89m set earlier this year to 21.40m so that is an improvement of 51cm.

Mesud competed both in the European Championships and the Olympic Games last year but did not make the final. In the European Indoor Championships this year he got 7th in the final with a throw of 20.37m. Then one week later he won the European Throwing Cup in Las Palmas with a throw of 20.69m.

Mesud was so happy last night and told me that he did not believe that he had thrown so far. Well it does not come automatically; I am super proud of Mesud and honored to have had the opportunity to work with him for the last four years. We all congratulate Mesud on his new National Record and wish him all the best at the WC.

Over picture: Mesud the new record holder with Zlatan Saračević the former record holder.



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