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Simon to the World Championships

Yesterday in Karlstad, Sweden Daniel Ståhl, Niklas Arrhenius, Simon Pettersson and Jakob Gardenkrans competed in a Folksam Grand Prix meet. This was the last meet before the WC in London and it all went well.

Daniel Ståhl was outstanding and threw 67.26m and won the meet easily and had very good series with five throws over 64m and four over 65m. Daniel has been throwing very far in practice lately and his preparation for the WC is right on track and this meet yesterday was a good indicator of that.

Niklas Arrhenius flew in from USA the day before the meet and started in the first round with a throw of 62.80m that ended up being his best of the day and good enough for the second place in the meet. This was a very good performance for Niklas and shows that his form is great. Just before he came over he had a seasonal best in good conditions at home in Provo with a throw of 65.72m.

Simon Pettersson did not really get it together in the meet and ended up 4th with 60.65m. In his last three meets before this one he has thrown 63.00, 64.17 and 63.03 so it was just not as good meet for Simon yesterday. But one hour after the meet there was nobody that was happier. IAAF invited him to participate in the World Championships coming up in London in a week. Simon was very high on the list of 32 throwers that are supposed to compete in London after his 64.88m throw earlier on this summer. We expected the invitation but it was still very nice to get it confirmed last night. Simon has had an outstanding season so far with for meets over 64m and was in 22 place on the world list with his farthest throw of 64.88m.

Simon deserves to be invited after this great season that he has had and we are all super happy that the 23 year old gets to go with Danile Ståhl and Niklas Arrhenius to the WC. CONGRATULATIONS to Simon.

Jakob Gardenkrans had one of his best meets of the season last night with a throw of 55.07m and his training has been going really well and much better lately and can be more expected from him in the nearest future.






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