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Fanny European U23 Champion

Jakob Gardenkrans started out at 10.00 in the morning in the qualification of the men’s discus throw here in the European U23 Championships in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Jakob ended up with 54.42m and was 8 cm from making the final. It was a shame but I am very proud of Jakob and he keeps getting better and better in every aspect of the game. Last year he was 15th at the WJC and now he was 13th so it is getting close to the top 12. Jakob has two more years to go and if he keeps working as he has been doing and takes care of the physical, technical, mental and social things and turns into being a professional he will be a medal candidate in this meet two years from now.

Fanny Roos competed in the final of the women’s shot put at 16.05 yesterday and started out with a 17.71m throw. Then she had 17.79m 17.83m, 17.80m, and 17.57m and then in her last throw she had 18.14m and won easily. Before the meet she was one of the favorites but that she would be so dominant in the meet was not expected.

Fanny’s indoor PB is 18.13m and her outdoor PB is 18.16m and it was close yesterday and also very close to the Swedish outdoor record of 18.17m. Fanny has throw better in practice and farther and even with this huge success yesterday there is more to be expected soon. It was her first medal in junior championships, she has had 4th,5th and 6th place before. This was also her last time competing as a junior as she is 22 years old.

We are all very happy for Fanny and her GOLD medal. She is so worth it, she works very hard, never complains and is just a great role model for others to look up to.




"How to Become an Olympic Champion" is a video series by coach Vésteinn Hafsteinsson on example of Discus Throw legend Gerd Kanter. The first video series puts focus on Olympic Lifting for Throwers. Click here for more info.


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