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Outstanding win for Daniel

When you throw 71.29m on June 29th it is hard to follow up on that kind of a performance and all media and other things that follow when you have such a super day.

But, Daniel Ståhl went to the Swedish Team Championships on July 7th and threw six discus throws and did as well six throws in the shot put and won both events for his club Spårvägen. And not only that, he threw 67.59m in that meet.

Two days later he was ready for the fourth DL meet of the season in London. With five legal throws and a controversial foul also he won the meet on his last throw. Daniel had 66.73m in the meet, felt little tired in his legs but still won and I have to say I am impressed. It was probably one of his biggest wins so far as most of the top level guys were there except the Germans. Daniel was little upset and felt he could have thrown farther and also said he did not felt that he fouled the farthest throw that was around 67.50m.

Still, even if Daniel felt so he should be very satisfied with this win and his performance and also to do it in the last throw. Daniel has competed in seven meets in the last month:

June 11th         Hengelo          64.44m            3rd place
June 15th         Oslo     68.06m            1st place
June 18th         Stockholm       68.13m            2nd place
June 23rd         Vaasa  66.41m            1st place
June 29th         Sollentuna      71.29m            1st place
July 7th   Borås   67.59m            1st place
July 9th             London           66.73m            1st place

After four Diamond League meets Daniel is leading into the final with 29 points and has 3rd, 1st, 2nd and 1st places under his belt so far.

There is only one word that describes his situation right now and that is OUTSTANDING.

Daniel will now have a training period until 25th of July where he will do his last meet before the WC and that will be in Karlstad, Sweden. Then we prepare again the last week in Växjö before we fly in to London on 2nd of August. The discus competition will take place on the 4th and 5th of August.



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