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Mesud is back

Mesud Pezer has not competed for a month and has been struggling a bit with his throwing lately. Still, a positive thing happened two days ago when Mesud competed in Croatia and ended up third in the meet with a performance of 20.19m.

Mesud´s plans to prepare for the WC have been hampered in relation to that he cannot come to Sweden as planned to prepare with the rest of the GT Group. Is that due to tha Bosnia-Herzegovina is not a memeber of the European Union and that has resulted in some restrictions for Mesud to come over.

Mesud is still working very hard in Bosnia and we do our best on distance with his preparation. Mesud will compete again in the Balkan Championships on the 15th of July.


Our athletes in 2018

1 Mesud Pezer 20.77m
2 Marcus Thomsen 19.67m
3 Leif Arrhenius 19.25m
4 Simon Pettersson 17.17m
5 J. Gardenkrans 15.10m
1 Fanny Roos 17.88m
1 Simon Pettersson 61.60m
2 J. Gardenkrans 56.63m