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It does not happen very often but it did this week that Daniel Ståhl threw over 70m and even broke the Swedish Record by 3cm held by the legendary Ricky Bruch since 1984. The exclusive list of 70m thrower in history is like this:

This means that we have two on this top 10 list from the GT Group, Gerd Kanter and Daniel Ståhl.

1. 74.08 Jürgen Schult GER Neubrandenburg 6.06.1986 CR, NR
2. 73.88 Virgilijus Alekna LTU Kaunas 3.08.2000 AAR, NR
3. 73.38 Gerd Kanter EST Helsingborg 4.09.2006 NR
4. 71.86 Yuriy Dumchev RUS Moskva 29.05.1983 AAR, NR
5. 71.84 Piotr Malachowski POL Hengelo 8.06.2013 AAR, NR
6. 71.70 Róbert Fazekas HUN Szombathely 14.07.2002 NR
7. 71.50 Lars Riedel GER Wiesbaden 3.05.1997  
8. 71.32 Ben Plucknett USA Eugene 4.06.1983 CR, NR
9. 71.29 Daniel Ståhl SWE Sollentuna 29.06.2017 NR, WL, Best since 2013-06-08
10. 71.26 John Powell USA San José 9.06.1984 AAR
Richard Bruch SWE Malmö 15.11.1984 AAR
Imrich Bugár CZE San José 25.05.1985 NR
13. 71.18 Art Burns USA San José 19.07.1983  
14. 71.16 Wolfgang Schmidt GER Berlin 9.08.1978 AAR
15. 71.14 Anthony Washington USA Salinas 22.05.1996  
16. 71.06 Luis Mariano Delís CUB La Habana 21.05.1983 NR
17. 70.98 Mac Wilkins USA Helsinki 9.07.1980  
18. 70.82 Aleksander Tammert EST Denton 15.04.2006  
19. 70.66 Robert Harting GER Turnov 22.05.2012  
20. 70.54 Dmitriy Shevchenko RUS Krasnodar 7.05.2002  
21. 70.38 Jay Silvester USA Lancester 16.05.1971  
22. 70.32 Frantz Kruger RSA Salôn-de-Provence 26.05.2002 CR, NR
23. 70.06 Romas Ubartas LTU Smalininkai 8.05.1988  
24. 70.00 Juan Martinez Brito CUB La Habana 21.05.1983  

Daniel has had an outstanding season with series of great performances in these meets:

11 February                66.90m Fin V 3-Nat indoors   Tampere,  Finland
12 March                    61.51m EAA Winter Throwing cup    Las Palmas, Spain
21 April                       68.36m Spring Fling 1             Salinas, USA   
22 April                       68.11m Spring Fling 2             Salinas, USA
29 April                       63.87m Steve Scott Invitational        Irvine, USA
13 May                        64.14m Shanghai DL               Shanghai, China
20 May                        68.07m Halle Throwing Festival        Halle, Germany
11 June                       64.44m FBK Games                Hengelo, Nederlands
15 June                       68.06m Oslo DL                      Oslo, Norway
18 June                       68.13m Stockholm DL            Stockholm, Sweden
23 June                       66.41m EC Team                    Vaasa, Finland
29 June                       71.29m Folksam GP                Sollentuna, Sweden

Average in 12 meets this season is: 66.61m.

Daniel made history in many ways when he threw the huge throw of 71.29m. Not only did get into the 70m club and on the all time top 10 list. It is the farthest throw also for four years in the world, Swedish Record, Nordic Record, Club Record, Stadium Record, Meet Record etc.

It is also interesting to look at Daniel’s top ten competitions so far:

71.29m            2017
68.72m            2016
68.36m            2017
68.13m            2017
68.11m            2017
68.07m            2017
68.06m            2017
66.92m            2016
66.90m            2017
66.89m            2014

This gives us an average of 68.15m and 24th place in history, the leader is Gerd Kanter with 71.38m.

Well, not more statistics now but what a day in Sollentuna, Stockholm on the 29th of June 2017. It will be remembered for some time and maybe for a long time. Ricky’s record ended up being 33 years old. But, will Daniel throw farther than this? Maybe, maybe not but my opinion is that he will.

We are all very proud of the big man and huge CONGRATULATIONS to Daniel on his big throw.

You can check the video from here



"How to Become an Olympic Champion" is a video series by coach Vésteinn Hafsteinsson on example of Discus Throw legend Gerd Kanter. The first video series puts focus on Olympic Lifting for Throwers. Click here for more info.


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