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Simon and Niklas

Niklas Arrhenius is born 1982 and will be 35 years of age this year. Simon Pettersson is born 1994 and will be 23 years of age this year. Niklas has a PB of 66.22m and has thrown 65.01m this year and is qualified for the WC. Simon has throw three PB’s this summer 63.67m, 64.77m and 64.88m, he is not automatically qualified for the WC but is very close. He has a possibility to be selected even if he would not hit 65m based on the IAAF rule of taking top 32 on the world list to the meet.

Niklas has competed in 10 meets this season so far and are his marks like this:

61.37m, 61.76m, 63.97m, 62.26m, 61.14m, 65.01m, 61.37m, 58.73m, 63.63m, 62.61m. Average is 62.18m.

Simon has competed in 15 meets this season so far and are his marks like this:

62.24m, 63.67m, 64.77, 62.74m, 62.78m, 59.80m, 61.01m, 62.87, 64.88, 62.38, 63.39, 60.73m, 62.03m, 61.92m, 63.15m.

Average is 62.58m.

Niklas and Simon have met three times in Sweden this year and Simon has 2-1 in wins against Niklas. In the shadow of Daniel Ståhl the ‘’Old” and the “Young” are fighting it out along with Axel Härstedt to make the Swedish team and it could easily be so that four Swedish throwers qualify in the discus. Daniel is already selected but Niklas, Simon and Axel are going to get the remaining two places. This makes everyone better and Swedish discus is rocking hot right now.



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