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Simon 12 cm from WC Qualification standard

Few weeks ago Simon Pettersson threw a new PB of 64.77m in Wiesbaden and got 3rd in the meet. Today he improved that mark to 64.88m and is now only 12cm from the WC qualification standard.
Simon won the meet today in the Swedish town Södertälje. Simon has competed in nine outdoor meets so far and the results are like this:
62.24, 63.67, 64.77, 62.74, 62.78, 59.88, 61.01, 62.87, 64.88 and the average is 62.76m. Simon had a PB of 63.10m last year so there is some serious improvement going on here.
Simon has been training very hard for four years now as a discus thrower and is getting very close to be able to compete on the big scene against the best people in the world.
We wish of course that he is going to qualify for the WC when he has come so close twice already. But, the main thing is that he develops as a thrower in every way and will keep on doing that.

Big congratulations to Simon.



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