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Great meet for Simon in Malmö

Simon Pettersson competed tonight in the Heleneholms Springmeet in Malmö. It was a beautiful night on an old stadium and we decided to participate in this meet to support the meet promoters that want to put an old club, Heleneholms IF on the map again.

Simon and Jakob Gardenkrans competed and we took it as a practice session this time and it was a good one. Simon threw 62.78m and Jakob did not really hit it and ended up with 52.79m.

The conditions were light left wind and Simon threw one of his best meets ever. His 64.77m in Wiesbaden last week is the only meet that I consider better than this one. He looks outstanding and is just super fast and explosive in the ring.

The first meets this season are 62.24, 63.67, 64.77, 62.74 and 62.78 tonight. Average of five meets is so far 63.24m comparing to that his PB last year was 63.10m.

Jakob is doing fine, is working very hard on his rhythm and control and he will be fine, time just needs to tick and Jakob will get better day by day.

Cover picture: Axel Härstedt, Jakob Gardenkrans, Simon Pettersson and the Danish thrower Andreas Ellegaard.



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