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Super Day in Halle

The GT Group had a super day in Halle today in the big annual German Throwing Festival.

Marcus Thomsen started the day with a huge PB in the shot put for juniors and improved his previous best by half a meter to 20.73m with the 6kg shot. Outstanding performance by Marcus and he had three good throws around the same distance. Marcus got second in the meet and competed really well. Big congratulations to him.

Mesud Pezer and Simon Pettersson competed at the same time today and Mesud got 3rd in the shot with 20.36m even if he felt really bad after a very long trip yesterday. Just did not have the speed in his legs today but performed really well anyway. Simon had a hard time hitting it with his great speed and power that he has in his body right now. He still managed to hit 62.74m that was good enough to win the B group of the discus throw. Simon is close to throw much farther and is really taking huge steps now in his career.

Daniel Ståhl had the best meet of his career when he won the discus with 68.07m in dead air and beat most of the best discus throwers in the world. This is the third time Daniel throws over 68m this year and this was the biggest win so far. He had 64.57, 65.30, 66.97 and 68.07 as legal throws today along with two fouls. A huge win for Daniel and now he showed that he is probably the best discus thrower in the world right now. Congratulations to Daniel from all of us.

Fanny Roos was off today and never really hit a big throw but ended up with 17.28m and a good 3rd place in the shot. She will throw again tomorrow in the U23 meet. Fanny is coming off a very tough training period in her timing and speed is off right now, it will come.

Jakob Gardenkrans will as well throw tomorrow and wish we him and Fanny the best of luck.

But, this was a great day and I am very proud of all the athletes how they did today.



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Our athletes in 2019

1 Mesud Pezer 20.70m
2 Marcus Thomsen 20.58m
1 Fanny Roos 18.61m